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Robin Morse has been teaching and coaching for over 25 years. She offers a wide range of services, both one-on-one and in group settings, with the intention of building a relationship and an environment based upon collaboration, support and trust. 

As well as her experience and training in the arts, she is also a Certified Mental Coach.

She meets people exactly where they are in their creative process, with the belief that each person that walks into the room brings with them unique and unlimited possibilities. 

Through discovery, practice and self exploration, Robin will help guide you to express yourself, focus and work at your highest potential - both at work and in life.

“A fresh and inspirational approach that allows her to rise above the crowd.”

Bernie Telsey (Casting Director, Broadway's Hamilton. Film: Into the Woods)

Take a peek into Robin's weekly Acting the Song class:

“I've never felt more comfortable working with someone on a scene. Robin brings out the best in me, and teaches me to bring the best out of myself.”

Lucas Hedges (2017 Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor, Manchester by the Sea, Honey Boy, French Exit )

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