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Lucas Hedges

2017 Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Kenneth Lonergan's film, Manchester by the Sea, French Exit ( 2020 ), Honey Boy

“I've never felt more comfortable working with someone on a scene. Robin brings out the best in me, and teaches me to bring the best out of myself.”

Merri Sugarman

Casting Director, Tara Rubin Casting

“I'm very choosy about where I teach. I look forward to working with Robin's students because I know they'll be prepared, full of smart questions and inspiring both in passion and skill!”

Michael Cerveris

Broadway's Fun Home, Evita, Sweeney Todd

“Robin possesses those rare qualities that mark the very best teachers:
belief in a person, love of craft and joy in discovery.”

Elysia Jordan

National Tour School of Rock, Ithaca College Musical Theatre Alum

“Robin helps you take away all the things that are holding you down—like you're walking up stairs carrying all this baggage and she helps you put down each one. At the end, there's all of this extra space that you didn't have before—to actually work, actually act, actually sing this song and enjoy it and be yourself. In that way it's freeing.”

Laura Sametz

It Had to be You (2015), NYU Graduate Acting MFA

“I think Robin sees people. She has this real gift for seeing what needs to be seen, what you’re hiding from about yourself, the colors that you’re scared of, and she helps you be brave about them. She takes your expectations of yourself very seriously—she holds you accountable to your good healthy expectations, but in a very kind way. She brings in all of you, so that you can be connected and communicate the way you want to.”

Judy Kuhn

Broadway's Fun Home, Four-Time Tony Nominee

“Robin is an artist and teacher whom I deeply admire. I have observed her class and am enormously impressed with the insight, creativity and sensitivity with which she works with her students. There is no one I would recommend more highly for those seeking help in preparing for on an audition or working on a role.”


Carlo Bosticco

La Bohéme, London, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

“It’s kind of unlike, to be honest, anything I’ve experienced elsewhere. There is absolutely no judgement. There is a complete understanding and acceptance of the fact that you are an actor, with your craft, and you are going through a process. Here it's just a complete celebration of your uniqueness and an understanding that if you are loved and supported, then you can take those steps that are necessary to get where you need to get.”


Rachel Zatcoff

Tzeitel in Off- Broadway's Fiddler on the Roof ( in Yiddish ), dir. by Joel Grey, Christine in Broadway's The Phantom of the Opera
West Side Story (Maria), International/West End

"Robin always establishes a safe atmosphere to work in, whether it be within a group class or private coaching. Robin is honest, helpful, encouraging, and patient. She knows how to tailor to each individual, a true skill and beautiful quality that not every coach inhabits. She has completely changed the way I approach a song, monologue, or role. I am grateful to be constantly learning from Robin. I am now able to embrace my fears, move forward, and enjoy the process!"

Demaree Hill

Wicked 1st National Tour

“I had the great pleasure of visiting Robin Morse's class while in NYC and working with her for a few weeks! Robin then told me about a workshop she was doing with Lisa Leguillo (Associate Director of Wicked), which I attended. One month later I got a call for an audition, and I am happy to say I just joined the First National Tour of Wicked in the role of Nessarose. I will be eternally thankful to Robin for her love, tutelage and amazing workshops she makes happen!”

Walker Jones

Doctor Faustus, Classic Stage Company

Wicked (2nd National Tour), Yale School of Drama

“I wanted to get into an environment where I could build my muscle as an actor who sings. For me a lot of that has to do with building my confidence. The more that I keep showing up to class and stepping back in, I find that I'm not judging myself or holding myself back about ‘can I sing?’, it's more about ‘what am I communicating?’. I find that my voice just naturally comes out when I focus more on what I am doing from an acting standpoint.”

Luke Forbes

(FOX’s Gotham, New York Shakespeare Festival’s The Merchant of Venice)

“Robin’s attention to the elements that most sincerely affect an artist are incredibly encouraging. I know that she is 100% tuned-in to helping me access the best of myself. She guides but also coaxes. Is challenging and demanding, yet in the most beneficial way: with sensitivity to where I am presently. I feel very fortunate to be working with her.”


J. Michael Miller

Founder, The Actors Center
Co-Founder, NYU Tisch School of the Arts

"Other than our eyes, our voice is our most intimate means of communication. When we speak and particularly when we sing, our voice, not the words or the notes, expresses the nature and complexity of our feelings. Robin Morse understands this as well as anyone I know, and she has an unerring intuitive approach to helping actor/singers connect to their true voices. She's a treasure to those of us who know her work."

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