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Public Speaking &
Executive Coaching


From a wedding toast to a board meeting to a TedTalk,  whatever the occasion may be, Robin works both privately and with groups in a safe and supportive environment. She works closely with each individual, carefully assessing their needs, and guiding them towards a greater understanding of themselves. Her goal is for each individual to communicate more clearly and effectively, to recognize who their audience is, how they think and what one can do, easily, to gain their attention.


Private consulting begins with an initial 90-minute intake session. 
Subsequent consulting is billed hourly. Please inquire for rates.


8 sessions of private consulting within a three-month period. Additional intermittent contact available, by arrangement. Please inquire for rates.


A four hour weekend workshop intensive, minimum 6 participants. The goal of this workshop is for each individual to gain a greater understanding, not only of how to get across their key message more clearly and effectively, but to develop a deeper awareness of who their audience is, how they think and what one can do, easily, to gain their attention. Please inquire for rates.


Get started by emailing Robin at


Director, Consumer & Marketplace Insights, Verizon Communications

"In my job presenting consumer insights to senior marketing people at a major communications company, I have to get across the key message quickly, clearly and effectively. Robin clued me in to some basic mistakes I was making at meetings  as well as several very sophisticated ideas to get my audience in position to take action on my recommendations." 



"There's an increasing demand for a writer to "build a platform” which, to me, means having a more public persona. Speaking in front of a room, or in an interview, is something I need to get comfortable with. What I liked best about my time working with Robin was that it was a safe place to be completely uncomfortable! That allowed me to dig in and even stop in the middle and say, “I can tell this isn’t working. How do I change it?” Then, to get some feedback, try it again, and experience a new result was refreshing, hopeful, and fun. There are actually ways to get better at public speaking, and I highly recommend Robin’s coaching as the way to break through."

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